"Our aim is to climb up to the top of the world of filmmaking,
and we will keep shooting until that day comes."

Company name New Peak Film
President Toshihiko Niiyama
Address 3F-C Intercross Creative Center, 1-1, Higashi Sapporo 5-1, Shiroishi-Ku,, Sapporo 003-0005, JAPAN

TEL / FAX 011-820-4350 / 011-820-4360
What we do Shooting, editting, planning and producing high-definition movies.
TV-Commercials, Promotional Videos, TV programmes, Trick shooting, and DVD authering.
Licensing a collection of high-definition movie libraries.
Clients Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK)
TV Asahi, TBS and other national broadcasting companies
HTB, HBC and other local broadcasting companies
Advertising agency, and local governments